During the years from the life of the Nemachin Brick Company, it has always been that the company’s name, as a specialist and professional company in domestic and foreign markets. The benefit of experts and specialists in the field of producing the best products, providing the correct and needed solutions to customers, has made bricks of the show, always, the first choice in the development of construction projects, and to one of the most productive factories in the The field of building materials production is known in the country.

With such an approach that provides qualitative and quantitative needs of a wide range of customers, the beliefs of the Brick Company have been determined as follows:

  • Focus on customer orientation is the focus of Nomachin Company’s development.
  • By creating a tad organization, the company reacts faster than its competitors against industry developments.
  • The company has been sustained in competitive development markets based on high quality and appropriate prices of products and the company’s ability to satisfy the construction of construction areas over these years.
  • Nemachin companies are becoming more knowledge-based every day.
  • Flexibility of the company for new market needs.
  • Efforts to increase the quality and durability of manufactured products
  • Sustainable growth and development of Namachin Company in competitive markets
  • Accurate fulfillment of customers’ wishes and expectations is our constant concern.
  • Expanding the market by creating a large distribution and sales network is our central policy.
  • Successful solutions of the past are not necessarily appropriate for solving our problems today.
  • Find true and correct business solutions by understanding the new business positions

The determination and will of Nemachin Brick Company has always been in such a way that for many years, this collection has developed and expanded the talents and capabilities of its personnel, putting the principles of customer orientation, innovation and creativity in the production of quality products beyond its motivations. Economic itself, considered.

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