Types of facade bricks
Today, in the construction industry, the use of bricks in the views has been dramatically developed, and hence the production of bricks has expanded in various designs and colors around the world. Currently, the bricks are used in the outer view of buildings, internal spaces (decoration), lobbies, inputs, parking lots and stairs. According to a detailed statistic, more than 90 percent of the construction projects running in the country use bricks.

In fact, the use of brick in construction is of great importance, especially today, special attention to urban spaces and views; In the sense that the view of a building does not focus solely to the building, but affects the facade of the entire buildings. Certainly, you have also experienced that you are dismissed from a street and alley, and you are impressed by the brick buildings of that place. Contrary to the traditional architecture, which is introverted, and the facade of buildings are brick and without the least decorations, today we see the types and types of views, with a variety of modern and ideal bricks. The landmarks produced in the company are divided into different categories according to the type of consumption, shape and quality. Diversity in dimensions, designs and colors of the offenders are very impressive.

Broga products are designed and produced in the factory by global standards, the use of the most important raw materials and inspiration from nature. Corporation in the same way, and in order to respond to the needs of the market, the production of a variety of bricky designs has been sale and beautiful.

Features of Nemachin brick mills

  • Very high resistance to shocks and natural factors
  • Long term durability of views
  • High quality in the construction industry
  • Bestsellers and beautiful
  • Excellent quality and first class
  • Has competitive prices
  • Eco-friendlyHas a wide variety of colors
  • Has a wide variety of dimensions
  • Insulation against cold and heat
  • Natural and unchangeable colors against the sun
  • Resistant to the conditions of expansion and contraction of bricks
  • Can be used in a variety of views
  • Surface without holes and without sheds
  • Appropriate water absorption rate
  • Use of natural and desirable materials

In his book “Bricks of a World History”, James Campbell states: “Brickwork, while complex, is one of the simplest building materials that has not received enough attention from ordinary people and even architects, but it is always one of the most common house building materials in The world has been

Types of bricks of Namachin company

  • Chamotte Brick
  • Refractory brick facade
  • White facade brick
  • Gray facade brick
  • Blue facade brick
  • Brown facade brick
  • Orange brick facade
  • Red facade brick
  • Golbahi facade brick
  • Yellow facade brick
  • Green facade bricks
  • Black facade brick
  • Tile facade brick
  • Dry brickwork
  • Patterned facade bricks

All of the brickwork products listed above come in a variety of color codes; To view any of the codes for different types of masonry, please refer to this page

Resistance, beauty and quality are a unique feature of product manufacturing logs. This collection, with the benefit of the technical staff and backing of 50 years of experience in producing a variety of bricks, is in the construction industry from other rivals.

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