Products of Namachin Brick Company
The use of brick, due to its high strength, beautiful appearance and other features that are unique to its essence, has a special place in the construction industry. Brickwork is not only accepted by the people in terms of application in exterior and interior facades of buildings, residential houses and industrial buildings, but also in terms of engineering and architecture, it provides beautiful effects and unique patterns. The unique properties of brick in creating the most amazing buildings have been considered by everyone since ancient times. Nemachin Brick Company, with its strong skills and perseverance, as well as with the help of experienced employees and using the latest technologies in the world, has started to produce various products and construction materials.

Brick, tile brick, dry brick, refractory brick, Chale brick, pigment brick and carpet floor brick, etc., are among the products of Nemachin Brick Company; These products are produced in various sizes and colors and are offered to customers.

Features of products produced in Ajrmnmachin company

  • Utilizing the latest technology in the world
  • Use of high quality raw materials
  • Resistant to abrasion and scaling
  • Reducing water permeability in manufactured products
  • Increase the resistance of bricks to climate change
  • High compressive and structural strength
  • Prevent cavities or sheds in the produced bricks

Brick facade
Choosing a brickwork in the construction industry for projects is always the first option. Facade bricks are actually divided into two groups:
The first group can be used as building bricks and walls, and therefore are produced in large thicknesses.
The second group is produced for use in the construction of walls, exterior and interior facades and their thickness is less than the first group.

The bricks of both groups have high strength and resistance in the faculty factory. The main characteristic of the brick is its high thermal resistance, which causes an application in industrial furnaces and insulation. Brick, due to the use of soils cooked at high temperatures, and with elements such as silica, aluminum in their raw materials and having a variety of metal elements in the soil, can lead to a wide variety of color variations; Including red bricks, yellow bricks, black bricks, white bricks and other diverse color combinations create a wide range of designs and colors, for use in building views and internal spaces, pure and unique works. Dry bricks, refractory bricks, antique bricks and rust, Chile bricks and Tile bricks are all in the bricks, and they are used in the design of domestic and foreign buildings of buildings.

Dry Brick facade
The advantages of drying dry in the building industry are connecting bricks to each other without the need for mortar, and instead of the metal equipment such as rails; For example, the use of metal frameworks, which is self-mold and the performance pattern. Implementing the facade using dry brick, without removing the existing wall level, is directly implemented on the wall, so the implementation of this system is without causing waste and waste and also no noise.

Brick facade Refractory
The bricks are due to its very high lifetime and long-term survival, the most well-known building materials in designing the facade of buildings. The Brick Company has produced refractory bricks in designs and colors to meet the needs of domestic markets.

Features of firebrick

  • High resistance and durability against erosion, cold and heat
  • High resistance to shocks and pressures
  • Very wide variety in different color ranges
  • Variety in their size and size
  • Low water absorption percentage
  • No tears and fractures

Antique and rustic bricks
The facades obtained from the use of Namachin pigmented bricks in the construction industry are very attractive and unique. It is no exaggeration to say that pigmented bricks have a very special color. One of the most important advantages of this brick is the use of mineral soils with precise formulation, to which no artificial color has been added; The color variation of pigmented bricks is natural and part of the nature of bricks, so over time, their color remains the same and does not fade due to various factors, including sunlight and various other atmospheric factors. Pigmented bricks of Namachin Brick Company are produced according to any taste and increase the power of customers’ choice.

Shale brick
Specialists with follow-up experiments came to the conclusion that with the composition of sedimentary and mineral rock called shale, productive products can provide unique quality. Achieving these results has led to the production of brick products from rock soils. In the making of Chile bricks, shale color powder is used. A stone shale is easily laminated, or in other words broken along certain levels. By changing the amount of sodium, potassium, chlorite and Al2O3 in different mines, the brick produced from this stone also finds different colors.

Chile’s bricks, due to the use of rock in its raw materials, have a very close quality of stone (in terms of strength and smoke resistance, dust and injuries), as well as its traditional and traditional essence . This led to Chile’s bricks with a wide variety in color, design and size (due to very high strength and resistance at all levels); Also, Chilean bricks covers all tastes

Facade bricks made from shale firing will not have the problems of traditional refractory masonry made of clay, such as low resistance, high water absorption and improper color change, which have adverse effects on the building facade; Because shale minerals do not have any composite colors and facade bricks made of shale have a solid color and do not change color over time, high mechanical strength and good water absorption to prevent the collapse of the refractory brick shell, the necessary resistance to snow. And dandruff on the facade brick, frost resistance in cold and rainy mountainous areas. One of the most important advantages of Chinese Chilean facade bricks is its natural color; The color of these bricks is constant and does not change over time, increase or decrease in temperature, rain or sunlight.

Features of Chilean bricks Namachin bricks:

  • Eco-friendly
  • No cracks
  • Resistant to absorption of contamination
  • Resistant to absorption of contamination
  • Anti-wear properties (carpet floor brick)
  • Significant reduction of air pollution during production
  • High compressive strength
  • Very low water absorption percentage
  • Resistant to cold weather and frost
  • Anti-dandruff
  • No damage to agricultural soil

Brick tile
Namachin tile bricks are produced for use in interior and exterior facades of the building. The advantages of using tile bricks in the facade design of buildings include low heat transfer coefficient, which plays the role of thermal and refrigeration insulation for the building; Also, the variety and color stability, creating a nostalgic feeling in modern spaces and the high speed of using this brick due to the lack of mortar, are other advantages of tile bricks. In line with the needs of the construction industry and the satisfaction of our dear customers, Namachin Brick Company has been able to produce various products by exploiting the first-class materials of the country’s excellent mines, and always increase its quality level in accordance with national and international standards.

Carpet floor brick
The use of carpet floor bricks has long been welcomed to this day, because it is both very durable and has a variety of special colors, and its use creates a very beautiful and pleasant areas. Becomes. Carpet floor brick is a product that becomes a durable product during the stages of formation, drying of clay and baking at high temperatures. The raw material of this product is shale or ore. Brick floor tile of Namachin Brick Company, from high quality raw materials, in accordance with national standards in various sizes and colors, and using the most modern brick production machines, is produced under the supervision of the technical and experienced staff of this collection and Supplied internally and externally.

معرفی محصول

Features of Namachin carpet floor brick

  • Resistant to abrasion and passage of heavy vehicles
  • Acid and base resistance
  • Insulation against cold, heat and sound
  • Resistant to frost and weather conditions
  • Resistant to fire and natural factors
  • Stable beauty and durable carpet floor bricks
  • Produced in various colors
  • Production in expert dimensions for any type of design
  • Ability to produce in different dimensions (based on order)

Brick Company, with the correct management, having creative personnel, and using its unique facilities and understanding the needs of customers and consumers, declare their full readiness in producing a variety of quality and unique building materials. In fact, the purpose of this collection is to improve all manufacturing activities, increase customer satisfaction and meet their needs in the production of quality products, and reduce the amount of waste.

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