The quality control unit (q.c) of Namachin factory has two laboratories equipped with all the necessary equipment and equipments as well as specialized and experienced personnel. Using quality management system (iso9001: 2008), this unit is able to continuously monitor and measure all production processes, including the activities of this unit, permanent monitoring and control of material preparation, shaping, drying units, baking, packaging , Warehousing and consulting in the implementation of the facade, which ensures the continuity of product quality.

آجر نما

This laboratory is located in the laboratory of Namachin ISO 17025 factory and the laboratory of this company is known as a partner laboratory in the standard office, so the performance of this laboratory is regularly monitored by Isfahan standard office in terms of calibration of equipment and test methods. Due to having the above privileges, in addition to its required raw materials, this complex examines minerals and shale of mines in different regions of the country in terms of application in the brick industry and helps to identify suitable mines in the brick industry. One of the honors of this collection is the selection of Namachin Brick Factory as a standard sample unit in 1987 and 1991.

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