message from CEO

In the name of God, the Almighty, He is the All-Hearing, the All-Hearing. Nemachin Brick Company can be a symbol of power in the production of products and construction materials in the country. Najchin Brick Company, since its inception, using knowledge-based thinking, innovation, exploitation of information technology in all activities of the company, the use of scientific management methods, attention to quality, dynamism and agility, to use themselves in value creation. has it. . Our policy in the company is to identify the goals and needs of the country using new methods of futures research and strategic market studies, so that you can adapt if you need it.

Now that the company has achieved a high status by relying on the efforts and accompanying his qualified, empowered and committed personnel; Regarding the economic capacities in the current situation in the country, it is necessary to consider this exceptional opportunity, and with the best and quality of products, progress and promoting more, the name and place of the bricks.

آجر نما

In order to achieve organizational and national goals, in addition to maintaining the distinction in comparison with other competitors, the specialized services of Najchin Brick Company made us review the missions and in accordance with the organizational structures of the company, the fields of development and expansion of service quality. Provide information to our audience in the context of fundamental changes. What can be seen in this direction and with a brief look at the approach of this collection, shows the serious determination of the manager and colleagues to diversify the services that are combined with the credibility of this collection and can be provided as a new plan of specialized services. Will be, so that this collection as a reputable and well-known brand in Iran, will continue to be a leader in the production of construction products.

As emphasized in the company’s mission statement and vision, the development of knowledge-based management to achieve sustainable and profitable continuous growth, differentiation and innovation in project implementation and transform the company into a leading organization in the construction materials industry, is one of the fundamental goals We are.

Appreciating the good relations between the business partners of Namachin Company and with full belief in the vision drawn for the company, and emphasizing the principle of “product quality” as a unique feature and belief, I hope that we can satisfy the grounds. And provide customer trust more than ever before.

Mr. Reza Chini

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