The purpose of Namachin brick is to participate in exhibitions and assemblies

Namachin Brick Factory Group
A brick company has made the best booths from the company in domestic and foreign international exhibitions over the years, as one of the indexes in producing a variety of construction products. The powerful presence of management and specialist forces of this collection at international and domestic exhibitions have made a good platform for the production of various types of construction materials for consumers and domestic and foreign customers, up with the supply and display of diverse and quality products Themselves develop their capabilities
Also, Namachin Brick Company meets many needs of visitors in order to display products, introduce achievements and construction products.

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In this regard, Nemachin Brick Company has used the following as its model of activity:

  • Determining and arranging targeted programs
  • Use of knowledge-based, specialized and efficient forces
  • Identify and understand the needs of target customers, among visitors
  • Answering questions and needs of visitors
  • Offering suitable and competitive products in exhibitions
  • Introducing a variety of new products in line with the latest scientific achievements
  • Create opportunities to communicate and identify domestic and foreign consumers

Exhibitions that Nomachin Company has participated in so far:

Mashhad Exhibition in 2014   |    Shiraz Exhibition in 2016

Tehran Exhibition in 2016 | Sanandaj Exhibition in 2016

Isfahan Exhibition in 2016 | Birjand Exhibition in 2016

Urmia Exhibition in 2016 | Tehran Exhibition in 1396

Erbil, Iraq Exhibition 2016 | Moscow Exhibition in 2016

Oman Exhibition in 2017 | Kish Exhibition in 2017

China Exhibition of the Year 2015

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More than these companies have managed to hold brick training courses and its implementation methods throughout the country. The Department of Education Group, as the first and largest organizer of brick training, has provided a variety of educational services to companies and universities. The purpose of these courses is to familiarize enthusiasts in developing new technologies, specialized and applied training on bricks.

Places, forums and universities that Nomachin Company has participated in so far:

  • Training Department of Namachin Brick Factory Group in Birjand Mountain Hotel
  • Training department of Nemachin brick factories group in the professional technical center of Birjand province
  • Training department of Nemachin brick factory group in Motahhari girls’ vocational school, Tehran
  • Training Department of Namachin Brick Factory Group in Zahedan
  • Training Department of Nemachin Brick Factories in Shiraz
  • Training Department of Nemachin Brick Factories Group in Arak Professional Technical Organization
  • Training Department of Nemachin Brick Factories in Nasim, Tehran
  • Lecture by the CEO of Nemachin Factories Group as the best entrepreneur of the province in Sheikh Baha’i Festival

The company nemachin brick company is as the largest manufacturer of all types of bricks with a variety of over 1000 products, and the first and only holder of all-automatic and robotic manufacturer lines, along with fast roller baking furnaces with backing over 50 years of experience, are always and alternately In many international exhibitions, it has been launched. This collection has achieved all its goals to attend these exhibitions, including increasing customer relationships, maintaining, maintaining and developing their work relations.

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