The brick company has taken effective steps with the creates of God Almighty, along with executive goals and duties, and with experienced experts and experienced experts and experts in order to produce quality products.

The most important goals of Nomachin bricks are as follows:

  • Commitment to continuous improvement in all processes, activities, methods, services and products
  • Increase customer and stakeholder satisfaction by considering mutual benefits
  • Successful branding under the guise of honesty-based performance
  • Having credible, reliable and exceptional business communications
  • Upgrading the technical and scientific knowledge of employees, and increasing the professional reputation of the company
  • Development of domestic and foreign agencies
  • Focus on implementing knowledge-based projects based on the needs of the country
  • Creating economic and commercial dynamism in the company
  • Increase sales
  • Increase profitability percentage
  • Increase the value of the company’s assets
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