Perspective of Namachin Brick Company:
“We are an entrepreneur group we want to be with the global business approach and the third Hazara view of the third to 1404 of the top Iranian companies, the top five brand building industry and the first representation of the building in the country.”
اThis perspective is the main motive for the Brick Company’s commitment; We are committed to developing innovations in technology and the production of quality products and effective strategies, which are confident in the construction industry throughout the country to join us to create unique buildings and buildings. Since we are responsible for producing and providing the best products and services, we will endure our efforts to provide effective and innovative values ​​to industries and customers.

Missions of Namachin Brick Company:
Najchin Brick Company, as an entrepreneurial group, has great aspirations in innovation, production and supply of quality construction products. Relying on the eternal power of God Almighty, and relying on team determination and planned effort, our business is constantly evolving, and we are constantly looking for new ways to use the right human, financial and technology resources. , Emphasizing national and international standards in order to create better and more efficient products, and provide God-pleasing and honest service to customers. Our mission is to increase the value of the Namachin brick complex to customers, employees and shareholders; This is achieved through the supply of valuable products and services to domestic and foreign markets.

We, in the brick company, have interpreted the competitiveness of the market in such a way that each of our businesses should be in value creation, the most progressive and the best. We only feel successful when we are able to provide more competitiveness in our target markets in comparison with other industries.

Organizational values

  • International Learning, agile, responsible and customer-oriented organizational framework
  • Respect for the social environment, along with respect for the rights of customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders
  • Respect for the environment and prevention of pollution along with health for everyone
  • Human capital development
  • Develop a large family and complete the Nomachin value chain
  • Technology development with emphasis on knowledge-based performance
  • Interaction and synergy with business partners
  • Maintain advantage with Improvement team works
  • believe in “Wanting and being able”
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